Our aim is to make homeopathy accessible to professionals in the corporate world as an effective and sustainable way of managing their stress levels as well as general well-being and productivity.

Long-term stress is believed to be the reason behind 70% of visits to doctors and 85% of serious illnesses.


Homeopathy is a holistic, gentle and effective form of medicine. It can be used to treat modern-day complaints, either to complement or as an alternative to orthodox medicine.



Rigorous research studies have been published in leading medical journals over the last few decades. Homeopathy is proven to be effective in treating a number of stress-related ailments.


Work stress

Exposure to work related stress directly influences the health of both workers and organisations. It can be related to high expectations, company growth and the daily competitiveness in the workplace.



The packages offered by Apex Homeopathy can effectively decrease health related absences, improve employee efficiency, productivity, quality of life and positively impact overall company performance.


Statistics show that paid sick leave days taken by patients under the care of homeopaths are 350% less than by those under the care of general practitioners.

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Meet the team

Slavka Kubatova

BSc (Hons) LCHE RSHom

Kasper Szymanski

LCPH MARH MS Psychology

Carolina Stupino


Anna Anderson



All our homeopaths are fully qualified, insured, registered and have vast experience in treating acute daily ailments as well as complex pathologies.

We integrate classical homeopathic philosophy with modern practical methodologies, nutrition and naturopathy, which provides a well-rounded and appropriate approach to each patient. Our aim is to help patients achieve freedom from limitation in their lives and to reach a level of health where they are no longer dependent on any medicine or therapy and can more easily deal with stress.

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“My first experience with homeopathy was a year ago when Slavka began treating my migraines and allergies. The frequency of my migraines..."

“I hadn’t really put my stress at work and my heartburn together, but in talking it all through it was obvious my digestion was in trouble due to stress...”

"It was about ten years ago when I developed panic attacks which would wake me at night. The attacks continued and became more and more frequent...“

“I’ve started my journey with Carolina to treat my symptoms of IBS. She’s been able to explain me better my condition, listening to every symptoms changes...”