Corporate packages

  • Apex Homeopathy offers professional homeopathic treatment for acute and chronic stress-related ailments with either an on-site arrangement in an office or space provided by your company or off site at one of our central London clinics.

    We have shaped the following 4 packages to suit most business needs; we are also happy to create a specific package to suit your own requirements.

Acute clinic
Stress support

Short consultations aimed at resolving acute stress – related symptoms. Aimed at immediate relief within days. Quick and effective.

Comprehensive consultations

More in depth consultations addressing complex / chronic ailments and their underlying conditions. Additional life style and nutritional advice.


Consultations carried out at a private clinic in central London. Good for those who have privacy concerns or have time schedule issues.


Homeopathic treatment extended to family members. Parental sick leave prevention. Healthy lifestyle promotion for whole the family.

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  • Acute Clinic / Stress Support

    • Your homeopath will be available throughout the working day on-site to provide 15-20 minute consultations with remedies dispensed at the end of each session. These consultations would be aimed at an immediate treatment of acute problems, for example anxiety before a presentation, jet lag, migraines and also seasonal symptoms such as flu or hay fever.

      We are flexible with the number of days per month and can adjust this depending on demand. For example, you may wish to start with one day a month, increasing this if there is a greater need. This package could be a good precursor for more comprehensive consultations as it gives employees an introduction to homeopathic treatment and a chance to discuss which areas of their life can be improved on a deeper level.

      There are several options to be considered within this package such as:

      Monday Clinic

      This can be particularly effective for seasonal ailments – flu in winter, hay fever in spring/summer. When addressed early, many complaints can be nipped in the bud and the duration of viral illnesses greatly reduced.


      New Year support

      A January package is a way to help employees with their New Years resolutions; the time of year when people tend to be more health aware and appreciative of support, to start the year off positively.

    Comprehensive Consultations

    Off Site Arrangement

    Family support